Big Boat Mover
Trusted Coast to Coast Overland Yacht Haulers

No matter what the occasion, from time to time a yacht may need to be transported to another port location. From private owners to boat show dealers. Big Boat Mover knows the trust you need in trained staff and for successful delivering of your yacht. When deciding to haul a big boat from one port to another, it is important to hire a team who is reliable, trustworthy, safe, consistent, and who will get your boat where you want it, on time.

Transport your boat from coast to coast from places like Seattle and San Francisco to places like, Newport RI, and Miami Florida. The bottom line is no matter where in the continental USA your Yacht needs to be hauled to. Big Boat Mover can help find a company to haul all size boats, sail boats, and larger sized yachts, and get them anywhere you need them to be.

What Goes into Your Big Boat Move

Boat movers will help with all of the details from the lifting equipment, and hauling equipment for any type of bigger sized boat. You won't need to stress about how to strap down and tie in each boat according to it's individual design and weight. That's the boat mover's job. Lifting heavy boats and putting them onto trailers is a job for a professional. When hauling sailboats there is a need to store and place the rudder, a professional boat mover will help with this too.

Once the boat has been secured onto the hauling mechanism, the next step is safe driving. Boat drivers need to be extremely safe and reliable, and should be licensed by USDOT. Your boat is your queen, and should be treated as such. Driving across country with a yacht may require oversized load signs and extra vehicles to help facilitate the move.

Some of the Ports We Service

We can help you find a company that serves the US coastal port and/or marina you need you boat moved from and to. Texas, Florida, Boston... and ports all up and down the West coast or popular destinations. Big or small port, we'll find a boat mover to pick up and deliver your boat. Preparations can be made by the boat mover in advance to get your boat where it needs to be when it gets to the destination port. Feel confident knowing that all of the arrangements have been made.

Why choose to transport your yacht overland? It's usually not practical to navigate around the oceans just to get to your destination. The logistics, time and cost associated with such a long journey usually rules out such a method. Letting a yacht hauling team get it there safely and efficiently is the way to go.

What type of occasion would require hauling your yacht? Many times for example, people in New York want to sail or do their boating on the West Coast. Perhaps they want to travel the Pacific Northwest Coastal line, and see the magnificent sights. Another destination is sunny Florida, so they can enjoy the Keys, Caribbean or the gulf. This is just an easy way to be able to navigate any coastal waters that you decide to see. Maybe someone in Seattle wants to do some Boating near Martha's Vineyard, in the Northeast. There are many reasons why a boat needs to be hauled, and we can help connect people with their business or leisure boat moving needs.

So, when you decide to move your boat across the country, let a team of seasoned professional movers do it. We will get you in contact with someone who will get your boat safely where you need it. Let us help you get your vessel moved properly and on time, today!